Getting Around Dublin


Trinity students live all over the city, so we’ve become pretty adept at navigating Dublin’s public transport. We know which route will take you where, and our Leap cards are always to hand.  Once you get here, be sure to invest in a student travel card from the SU; for only €15 the cards are printed on the spot and will give you substantial discounts for the Dart, Luas and bus routes around Dublin. There are lots of options when it comes to getting around Dublin, so here are the most common for travelling to and from college:

Bus 140

Dublin Bus

With a fleet of over 900 busses, wherever you want to go in the city Dublin Bus is likely to help you get there. Students staying in Trinity Hall use the 140 to get into college each day, and if they stay on it will end up at IKEA (where they can stock up on pots and pans). Dublin Bus is part of the ‘Leap Card’ system, where you can touch on with a prepaid card to pay your fare and fares begin at a discounted €1.45. Although the main services finish between 11.30 and midnight, Nitelink buses run throughout the night on simplified routes.


Dublin Bikes

For the more health-conscious traveler, Dublin’s bike share scheme allows travelers to cycle around the city without the potential hassle of owning a bike. Users simply take a bike from their nearest bike station and return it to another at the end of their journey. It only costs €20 to subscribe and the first 30 minutes of each journey is free, making it the cheapest transport option in Dublin by far. Because the bikes are maintained by DB, and there is no requirement to return the bike to its original station, many find the service to be the cheapest and most convenient transport option in Dublin.


The Luas

Two tram lines operate within Dublin, affectionately named the ‘Luas’ (which is Irish for speed). If you live on the Luas line it is by far the most reliable and convenient travel option, unimpeded by traffic. Trinity Hall residents live a short walk away from the green line, which ends at St Stephen’s Green (a few minutes from Trinity’s campus, at the end of Grafton Street). Like Dublin bus, the Luas is part of the ‘Leap Card’ system, allowing travelers to swipe on and off. There are no ticket checks when passengers board the tram, however spot checks and fines do occur to keep the honor system running smoothly.


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