Dublin restaurants for tricky diets

Like around 1 in 10 of us, I can’t eat dairy products (annoying, I know!) and, because of that, eating out can become a bit of a challenge. However, since moving to Dublin, I’ve discovered some great places close to Trinity which those of us with strange diets can enjoy. Here are three of my favorites….



Just off Grafton Street this vegetarian restaurant has a range of vegan options, in addition to gluten free, sugar free and coeliac. You might expect somewhere that caters to so many people’s needs would produce overpriced bland food, but this is far from the case. You can get a great bowl of soup with bread for less than €5 and mixed plates of salad start at €4.95. They even have desert options (usually a no-go area for those who avoid cow’s milk, unless you have a real love of sorbet) starting at €1.95. All that and a 10% student discount make Cornucopia a great lunch option for anyone on a budget.


K.C. Peaches

With four locations around Dublin, one opposite the entrance to Trinity’s arts block, K.C. Peaches is a chain which knows the value of good food. Because their food is made on site, it is easy to check ingredients lists and their made-to order sandwiches can cater for a range of dietary requirements. A membership to Trinity’s Philosophical society gets you a good discount, but their sandwiches and salads are already reasonably priced (at less than €5 for a take away gourmet sandwich made to order). They also offer gluten free and vegan cakes, however they are made in an open kitchen so they cannot guarantee safety for those with severe allergies.


The Mongolian Barbeque

At €5 for students at lunch this Temple Bar restaurant offers diners the opportunity to have a personalized hot meal on the cheap. Although it is not suitable for those with severe allergies due to its communal cooking methods, the fact that you personally select each ingredient in your stir fry offers flexibility and peace of mind. Each diner is given a bowl to fill with noodles, vegetables, herbs, spices and sauce, and can select which meat they would like in their bowl. They then watch as their ingredients are personally cooked on a huge hotplate and receive an additional bowl of rice and iced water for the table. All this means great value and peace of mind if you want to know exactly what is in your food.


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