Summertime in Dublin


Through the rain the campus looks good, behind drizzle and mist the architecture is still impressive, but it is now (when the weather is sunny and bright) that living in Dublin really takes your breath away. St Stephen’s Green is filled with picnickers and the Spire shines; most of all Trinity’s campus acts as the perfect summer idyll in the center of this busy city.

Usually beginning in exam season, Dublin’s summer fills Trinity’s green squares with picnickers and sunbathers. The smell of fresh-cut grass and flowers in bloom fills the air, so you may hear a few sniffs and sneezes from your classmates who suffer from hay-fever.

front square

As you enter Front Square, sunlight bounces off the campanile and you have a fresh appreciation of the majestic buildings which surround you. The Museum building shines brightly, revealing the intricate granite carvings which cover the exterior; even the Arts Block looks quite good!

Because most of the year we’re hardly spoiled with good weather, whenever it is nice you know we’ll make the most of it! From cricket to Ultimate Frisbee, the pitches swarm with students playing in the sun. The patio of the Pav (an on-campus student bar) is often full before it opens, as students try to bag the best seats to enjoy the sun.


Those still stuck in the library stare out at their classmates through the window, cursing the late exams they had been so smug about a few weeks ago. Hopefully they’ll get a chance to enjoy the sun before the clouds descend! Our summer may not last as long as some places, we may not have palm trees or spend our days on sun loungers; but when it is warm in Dublin, you know we’ll make the most of it. So, whether it is for one afternoon or for a few weeks, summertime in Dublin is something no one should miss.


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