The Buttery

It’s one o clock on a Thursday, you have an hour between classes and, in spite of the presentation you have to give later on, all you can think about is lunch. It’s time to grab a quick bite on campus. As you enter you are shrouded in the warm smells of comfort food. Passing by tables crowded with students, sandwiches, and the inevitable chips and beans, fill every plate; you know you’re in The Buttery.

buttery 2

In Front Square, tucked away underneath the Dining Hall is The Buttery. Unlike the architecture that surrounds it, The Buttery is modern, bright and loud (at times very loud!) Each day it fills with students and visitors looking for a quick, cheap bite to eat.

When you’ve had a long morning in class and ‘liquid sunshine’ (rain) is falling outside there is nothing quite like a hot meal in The Buttery. You’re likely to run into friends as you grab your sausages and chips, or bump into a lecturer as you pour yourself some soup. The atmosphere is akin to a school dining room, as tables are pushed together by groups of friends and a buzz of chatter fills the air.


Unlike some of the restaurants near campus, The Buttery has got student dining down to a fine art. There is always hot food available without having to wait, it’s within range of the college wifi, and the prices are very student-friendly. If you manage to find a quieter spot in one of the alcoves, the restaurant can serve as a good meeting place for study-groups. They don’t mind how long you stay and are used to students using their tables for college work.

So whether you’re coming for a tour, or starting as a student, I would recommend popping into The Buttery for lunch. It gives a great sample of the student atmosphere of Trinity; filled with Undergraduates, Postgraduates and Lecturers discussing their classes (and you can’t beat their chips!)


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