A Final Year Student Looks Back

pic 21 grad

As a senior sophistor student now in my final year of study, I am starting to look back on my time here at Trinity as the last few weeks of classes come rolling in all too quickly. Although my days are coming to be defined by long sessions in the library in preparation for my final exams, I have begun to feel a wave of nostalgia towards the college and the four years I have spent here. The opportunity to study, learn and grow in such a beautiful college located in such a great city has been a true privilege.

When I first left my home in London, my feelings of apprehension quickly subsided when I arrived at Trinity Halls and quickly got into the rhythm of college life: meeting new people, having great nights out, and doing some work in the middle of all that! I have really enjoyed the wide variety of classes offered by the Business, Economics & Social Sciences (BESS) course that I take: it allowed me to explore an array of subjects before I specialised in the Business & Economics subjects I was most interested in. The classes I take now are so interesting, as I learn the theory alongside the real life applications. Assignments I’ve done this year include an analysis of doing business in China; an evaluation of the effect of developing country agricultural subsidies; and the effect of the US Federal Reserve’s actions on emerging markets. I am also grateful that attending Trinity has given me the opportunity to study abroad, which broadened my horizons and international experiences. This experience has proved to be invaluable and led to me becoming a Global Ambassador; a position which I feel privileged to have held as I have met so many great people through it.

I suppose if I had anything to say to incoming students it would be firstly – you’re so lucky! Get involved in as many events or societies as possible, meet as many people as possible and you’ll have the best time! Looking towards the future, I can fully appreciate now how my time at Trinity has provided me with the valuable skills and tools necessary to have been offered a job in Dublin; a city I have come to love and now call home. I am grateful for the experience that Trinity has given me, and wish all incoming students the best of luck during their time here.




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