No Meal Plan: No Problem

Finding food as a Trinity student is an odd mix of being incredibly easy due to location but also incredibly hard due to budget. Don’t worry though; I’m here to hopefully increase your spare change while enlightening you about student-friendly places to eat around our lovely campus.

One of my favourites (which should especially become a favourite of those of you in and around the Hamilton, often ignored due to distance from Nassau street) is The Gingerman Pub on Fenian street (go out the Lincoln gate, turn right and head towards the Callaghan hotel, it’s on the road to the left) and does a really good, inexpensive lunch. You can get chicken curry, soup, lasagne and a load of other dishes for under a tenner but my personal favourite is the beef and Guinness pie which they do on a special. The service is quick and the place is pretty cheerful and especially nice on a cold day. It’s not Michelin star but it’ll fill you up and is really close to the gym side of Trinity.

One good place to go for a quick bite is Staple Foods in Temple Bar. It’s a tiny little place known in the juice circuit for having good cleanser juices but it also has absolutely scrumptious sandwiches, which change on the daily. The other day they had a roast duck with marmalade sandwich, for under €7. A lot of societies also have deals with them for a drink and salad for €5 so be sure to check that out. They use great ingredients and are really friendly and willing to change things/help you out so put this on your list of places to try and you won’t be disappointed. Facebook at

For BBQ a wonderfully close, decent BBQ joint has opened recently at the bottom of George’s street. Pitt Bros has been getting mixed reviews but I think a number of items are worth a try and the price won’t destroy your savings at an average of €13-14 for a meal that will fill you up for the rest of the day. I would highly recommend getting the brisket (which is beautiful and melts in your mouth – I could sing about it) and the mac and cheese and fries as sides. You also get a cute free ice cream at the end of your meal and who objects to free ice cream? No one, that’s who. Website at

One of the last and probably best well known places on my sadly small list (I’d write about all my favourites but it would be a book) is Wagamama’s. I know, I know, you’re all sitting there thinking ‘I’ve been there, everyone knows about it,’ but what about those unfortunate few that haven’t? Those few that haven’t tasted the addictive nature of the Katsu curry sauce, or slurped up the superbly chunky yaki udon noodles? Wagamama’s is delicious and cheap enough with a Trinity ents card (because you get two for one – making an average meal with a friend cost you the neat total of about €6-7). They have loads of noodle and rice dishes to choose from and have great service so check it out of you haven’t already. Website at

This is only a small list of fabulous eats for cheap in the vicinity but I’m sure I’ll have the time to write about more of my favourite places soon.



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