Trinity Monday

Today is a very special day here at Trinity: Trinity Monday. This morning, on the steps of Examination Hall, the newly appointed Fellows and Scholars of the College were announced. Scholarship at Trinity College is  hugely prestigious, carrying numerous financial benefits, as well as an elite status amongst students. Our student ambassador, Lydia, recounts the day she became a “Schol”:

Schols 2014

The day I received my Scholarship in Drama & Theatre Studies was probably my most memorable moment in Trinity College Dublin to date. Following four months of rigorous and obsessive study, sleep deprivation and a non-existent Christmas, I was one of the very lucky chosen ones. A crowd had gathered in front square eagerly awaiting to hear the results of the Scholarship examinations. The English and Drama & Theatre Studies students stuck together, all anxiously awaiting to hear their names. Alphabetically, degree majors were called out A, B, C, and then D – Drama & Theatre Studies! My name had been called out and naturally I screamed, jumped and embraced anyone in the vicinity. The day continued in a equally surreal fashion. Each scholar was required to wear a black cloak and attend at luncheon in the Provost’s garden. Similar traditions were played out such as the Scholars competing against the Fellows in a game of marbles and an evening meal in the Dining Hall. Black Tie was a must and pretending to know what a desert-wine was seem par for the course. The following day involved a swearing-in ceremony where each Scholar had to swear an oath in the Provost’s house promising to uphold the standards of the Scholarship and pledging to protect the Provost in times of need. In Latin. It was not exactly what I had expected to be doing on that early Tuesday morning, but it is certainly something I will never forget.

However, although the advantages of Scholarship are plentiful, my favourite aspect has been the people I have met. The evening meals, living with fellow Scholars and the Scholars community in general has completely transformed my experience of university to date. This social aspect, which is probably not what people think of immediately, is an aspect of the Scholarship experience that I cherish the most and that I never would have expected. I never thought I would be making ‘friends for life’ in third year, but receiving the Scholarship was really a fresh start and new way to experience college life. Thank you Trinity!


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