Let’s Talk About…SUMMER

It’s the last week of term here in Trinity. So before we all bury our heads in our books to prep for exams, let’s talk about that great and wonderful thing called SUMMER.

In my “tenure” at Trinity College Dublin I have come to believe this is the “set list” of summer plans one must perform while completing their four year undergraduate degree:

First Year:

Inter-railing through Europe. A nice easy one to start off, generally this lasts about 4-6 weeks. This doesn’t take you away from your warm bed for the whole summer but gives you a taste of backpacking through Europe. I instead decided to backpack through the United States.

Second Year:

The volunteering year. This is the year when most people are prepared to travel for a little bit longer but need the guidance and support of an organization to do it. This type of summer experience is suited to those who want to give something back and volunteer in a developing country, e.g. India and a range of African destinations. There are a number of fantastic organisations to join, such as Suas Educational Development and Serve.

Third Year:

The J1-visa year. The destinations include the USA and Canada, the year when you and a group of friends are ready to go for it by yourselves (and you are most likely 21). A great summer, with memories that will live on for years, particularly of the small, cramped living area you will share with 12 other people.

Fourth Year:

Graduation and Emigration Time 🙂



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