You will go to the Ball!

It’s that time of year again where Trinity students dust off their black tie attire and prepare to splurge on some of the best society nights of the year – ball season. Personally, I’ve decided to attend two society balls, the psychology ball (I’m a psychology student) and the Food and Drink ball, which promises a sumptuous meal of at LEAST 5 courses and free flowing wine, not to mention a lot of like-minded people who enjoy good food and some banter.

But these are just two of the balls on offer – almost every society has a night dedicated to dressing up, eating, dancing and just generally feeling a bit fancier than we do on an average day as a student. Every ball also has something different to offer, our psych one is themed every year, food and drink promises some great nibbles and BESS ball promises a lot of the bubbly and an incredible venue. So whatever you do, wherever you’re from, try to attend at least one society ball. The prices range from around €30 to as expensive as €60-70 but you’ll get your money’s worth out of each and every one. Most balls include a sit down dinner and a nightclub, but the venue, entertainment and drinks differ with each so make sure you find the one that’s best suited to what you want out of the night.

Don’t forget the ball to end all balls though. After we’ve wined and dined and spilt things on €300 dresses and suits, the king of Trinity nights out occurs at the beginning of April. Trinity Ball, though expensive is one of the best value nights you will ever experience. For a decent enough price of around €80 students and staff have the opportunity to see some of Britain and Ireland’s best up and coming musicians in one of the world’s largest private concerts. Also there’s just something pretty cool about wandering about Trinity at night in a cocktail dress and a hot dog in one hand.



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