Of Curries and Tikkas

Where to find the best Indian food in Dublin

My love for food is unprecedented; this love finds justification in the light that it feeds much more than your appetite- it feeds your soul. Before you conclude I have an unnatural relationship with food, consider the image of moist chocolate cake oozing out silky raspberry sauce, or that of crispy, crunchy potato fries waiting to be bit into.

Coming back to the topic at hand- my first blog has to lend itself to resolving the commonly-shared goal of finding authentic, speech-altering cuisine. So I shall start with what I know best. Here, I list my favourite spots to get hold of traditional Indian food.

Kajjal, Malahide

indian food2

My reasons for listing this first are simple- restaurants go beyond food, and this one ticks all the right boxes! Not only does Kajjal promise a mouth-watering range of choices for a multiple-course meal, it also promises splendid service amidst great ambience. It even offers live music on Sunday afternoons, an experience well worth the buck. Speaking of which, it isn’t the cheapest of places, at least to those (like me) who are used to getting Balti-house takeaways for our day-to-day business. However, I consider it to be the ideal destination for those occasions when you have more than food to celebrate. Ideal for a date or a business lunch, it amalgamates traditional recipes and tasteful settings well. Be sure to not miss out on the well-selected wines and cocktails offered.

Madina Desi Curry, Moore Street

indian food

Madina is my go-to place for a quick, delicious Indian lunch while crawling along usual college days. Situated in the city centre, it spells out convenience. And it’s easy-on-the-pocket menu makes it even more appealing. However, it’s USP lies in its simple, honest flavours- it is as close to home-cooked food as it gets for me- and that is still not the best part. It comes in ample proportions which ensure I leave the place feeling like a proud, stuffed chicken. The consistently well made Chicken Biryani, Lamb kebabs, and Mango Lassi guarantee I maintain my loyalty to the restaurant. Further, it is perfect for those Indian take-away nights with your friends.

Spice of India, South William Street

indian food 3

Again, intelligently located in the City Centre, Spice of India serves to be a convenient place to go for genuine Indian food. With the early bird deal lasting till 8 in the night, it pulls many hungry stomachs looking for filling meals. The fiery Vindaloo and the well-flavoured Biryani never fail to please me- and yes, the spice can be customsied according to your taste. However, the experience is made special with the friendly, attentive staff who make sure you get what you want to have. While the décor may not be its strong point, the quality of food surely is which makes it rank amongst the top-dogs.

Delhi O’Deli, Moore Street

indian food 4

Indian cuisine is known for the staggering variety and brilliance of its vegetarian dishes. While I am a girl who loves her meat, this place reflects the ideology that you can make a great meal out of vegetarian ingredients. Delhi O’Deli is the first vegetarian Indian restaurant in Dublin, and it offers decent choices for very cheap prices. The 5 Euro all-you-can-eat-buffet is perhaps its crowd-puller; however, the absolutely gigantic dosa they serve is my star-attraction. They offer a range of chaats and chutneys- the scene takes me back to street-food binging memories of New Delhi.

Ananda, Dundrum Town Centre

indian food 5

Last, and most definitely not the least, Ananda is yet another incredibly decorated restaurants which reflects the notion that restaurants go beyond food. With a variety of delicate to bold dishes available to be customized according to the your affinity with spice, it ruins its customers with choices. While the portions keep a little to be desire, the décor, the service, and the fancy layout of your food, serve to fill your appetite. The pleasant setting allows for a good chat over a good meal, and I would surely recommend this for family dinners- though, be mindful to book a table, the place is fairly busy during the week.

These are just a handful of the many Indian restaurants that leave me salivating. While my hunt for the best platters and plates shall perhaps never end, this entry ends here. On a concluding note, be sure to try and test the wide range of palates that Indian cuisine offers. Of course, it boasts of a plethora of spices; however, there is much more to it than dishes which leaves you panting. Do try out the dishes which please that sweet tooth of yours- my personal favourite being Ras Malai.  With this, I sign off; time to stock my stomach up.

Bon Appétit!



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