10 Weird Facts About Trinity (that may or may not be true)

When colleges reach a certain age, they all have their various mythologies and fun facts, varying in their factual accuracy. Here are some of Trinity’s!

1.       There are several bricked off classrooms in the Museum Building with loads of stuff still inside

2.       When they were digging up the foundations to build the Arts Block, they found a mass plague grave

3.       Underneath Front Square, there are 4 monks buried pointing east

4.       The reason there are two major debating societies on campus (The Phil and The Hist) is because the head of the Phil was in a duel with the Dean of Students, killed him, and was thrown off campus. In the interim, The Hist emerged.

5.       Bram Stoker lived in the GMB during his time in TCD.

6.       There is a cat who lives on campus called Trinity Cat. He used to have a twitter account and in 2011, students received a mass hoax email from trinity.cat@tcd.ie and nobody knows how it happened.

7.       The reason one of the trees is smaller than the other on the way through front arch is that one tree is planted on top of the wine cellars.

8.       When Trinity was founded, it was Trinity College near Dublin and the Liffey ran near Botany Bay.

9.       If you walk under the Campanile as an undergraduate, you’ll fail all your exams.

 And of course everyone’s favourite:

10.   Scholars won’t be admitted to exams unless they’re carrying their sword.


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