A new introduction to an ancient tradition: Chinese New Year

Since working at the the Trinity Global Room I have been astounded by the variety of societies and groups that exist for international and newly incoming students. For example, on the 30th of January of this year (2014), I had the opportunity to celebrate the  Chinese New Year as part of the festivities in the Global Room. The space was decorated in a traditional, festive fashion with the colour red featuring prominently – I hear that red denotes good luck in China!  As 2014 is the Year of the Horse, the Global Room was also presented with a colourful horse mascot which now stands proudly in the reception. Traditional Chinese treats were also handed out amongst the excited participants, of which I was only too happy to avail of!

What I enjoyed most as part of the festivities was having the opportunity to watch the national celebrations within China which were transmitted on the Global Room’s large widescreen TVs. I was able to enjoy music, dance, art and comedy that I had never observed before in Ireland. Although unfortunately I can not understand Chinese, the colours that were present in the room itself through decorations and the colourful costumes worn on-screen meant I clearly understood the hope and excitment for the New Year. On reflection, the fact that people could gather together in Dublin to celebrate the turning of the Chinese New Year meant that even if someone did feel somewhat homesick, the Global Room and the student body itself will mark international festivals in order to ensure each individual feels included.

-Lydia, undergraduate student from Germany and Ireland


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