Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! Xin Nian Kuai Le! As the Chinese New Year is here, the Chinese Society has started to prepare for it several weeks ago. As many of you have realized, the Spring Festival or better known as Chinese New Year is the most important festival among the Chinese culture. Traditionally, Chinese people will have family reunion dinner on Chinese New Year’s Eve, and of course celebrate Spring Festival with loved ones. But lives are a bit different in Ireland. Due to the academic structure of Trinity College and the incoherence of the Lunar Calendar and New Calendar, Spring Festival was almost never landed on an academic holiday. Consequently, most Chinese international students can’t spend the meaningful festival back in homeland. As an international student from China as well as a student ambassador in the Global Room, I feel that the idea of celebrating the Chinese New Year is just great, especially for Chinese students far away from home. It can provide the opportunity for Chinese students in Trinity to get together and enjoy the traditional festival.

After few meetings with the Chinese Society Committee, we came out with the idea of live screening the popular Spring Festival Concert from China on Lunar New Year Eve, 30th January 2014. The show is a popular fixture for many families in China and for many Chinese people is to Chinese New Year what the Late Late Toy Show is to Christmas here in Ireland! With the perfect facilities in the Global Room, plus huge support from the Global Relation Officers, the committee has quickly come to the conclusion to host the event in the Global Room. Though not perfect, we tried our best to decorate the venue to bring up the Spring Festival atmosphere and shopped for the native snacks to make any Chinese student feel at home. Though the idea was mainly targeting Chinese students, everyone in the college was welcome. It would truly be another kind of experience for them to submerge in an event that’s so native to the Chinese. After all, I truly wish everyone a very happy new year in the Chinese way! 新年快乐!


-Kuan, postgraduate student from China



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