New friends, old traditions on a weekend away

“April is the cruelest of all months” – T. S. Eliot

I agree whole-heartedly with this quote, however I believe January is a very close second. As I write this, it is statistically the most depressing day of the year. The third Monday of the year is far enough away from Christmas and New Years that the spirit has been drained, New Years resolutions have fallen to pieces, people are still stripped of cash from Christmas and of course, it is a Monday. In spite of all this I am simply “buzzing” today as I have just returned from the infamous INSMOT weekend organized by Trinity VDP.

Inspirational and Motivational is what INSMOT stands for but you may also have to include the words Mighty Craic into the title. The weekend was designed to “inspire and motivate” the members of charitable society, Trinity VDP, for the year to come. On Friday night people went to SVP’s Kerdiffstown House in Johnstown, Kildare.


The evening began with a number of icebreaker games in the “Chapel/Bar” involving moving on chairs and a table quiz with special bonus rounds including “first person to bring me a can from my room” and “swap clothes with the person beside you” (Jeans and a shirt, I was never going to win against the people wearing onesies). The night continued on with dancing in the chapel, singing songs by the piano, playing mini-golf at midnight and running around the hallways.

The next morning we begin the workshops designed to, of course, inspire and motivate. By the end of the day everyone in the room felt ready to take on the world, instead however, we just repeated what we did the night before with a twist. Instead of icebreakers and table quizzes we played the greatest game known to man. Telephone Charades. A mash-up of classic group games ‘Telephone’ and Charades, the game involves two teams. One team is taken outside and called in one by one. The first person has to act out a story to their teammate without words, only for them to continue the story to the next person to enter the room all while the other team watches. The game quickly forgets the actual story and turns into something very… enjoyable.

This is my fourth and possible final year going and I hope everyone gets to experience the magic of Kerdiffstown House at least once. The most amazing thing about it is you can go down not knowing anybody, as I did in my first year, and come back with 70 new friends, as Trinity VDP welcomes all.


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