Some of the best cafés in Dublin city centre

Dublin has a lot to offer in terms of cafes.  Here are just a few to whet your whistle!

Le Petit Parisien, Wicklow Street – Formally known as Gibson’s,this little gem is situated down Wicklow Street,an easy walk from Trinity College or Stephen’s Green. Boasting a stylish orange and black exterior, this café also hosts a range of delicious breakfast choices, sandwiches, hot and cold beverages, and a cosy intimate atmosphere.

Fallon &Byrne, Exchequer Street – Just about everything made, grown or otherwise perfected on the good earth, much of it organic and all of it delicious. Not only does the café boast a range of tarts,quiches, delectable sandwich fillings ranging from the finest duck to the choicest pieces of ham and cheese, but the Food Hall also houses some of the most delicious Irish produce, including organic Irish vegetables and Irish mussels from the West Coast.

KC Peaches, Pearse Street and Nassau Street – A wonderful vibrant café,with an ethos for all-natural food at affordable prices. A vast array of delectable cakes, chocolate filled morsels, and sandwiches to name but a few things, side by side with wonderful lemonades, teas,coffees and other beverages, and against the backdrop of a stunning interior, this café is one of the best in all of Dublin.

Fumbally Cafe, Fumbally Lane – The Fumbally houses a wonderfully cosy atmosphere and boasts some of the most delicious sandwiches known to mankind. Its high ceiling and stylized décor provide for a wonderful lunchtime bonanza, with soups, breads, tarts, cakes and hot and cold beverages, as well as having a vast range of Irish produce and Vegetarian options. A wonderful place that offers something for everyone!

Wall &Keogh’s, Richmond Street South – You name it,they have a brew for it. Housing over 150 varieties of loose leaf tea for your perusal, and fairy-lights on an outdoor terrace at the back of the café,this wonderful spot is a great little place to happily pass away the soirée. Sit in and enjoy or, alternatively, take a bag of tea home to someone you dig.

Foam Cafe, Strand Street – This funky café is fun and vibrant,and it’s menu reflects the spot’s wonderful décor. With soups to die for,cakes to make you break your “just one more bite” policy,and sandwiches so good they’ll make you go ballistic, who would want to be anywhere else?

Paris Bakery, Moore Street – Lying in the centre of Dublin’s historic older city, the Paris Bakery has been making quality artisan breads and pastries and top quality hot and cold dishes since 2010. The smell of freshly made bread wafts around a lush café,where one can also find some delicious soups,and delectable pastries. The proof is in the pudding.

Queen of Tarts, Dame Street and Cow’s Lane – This café was created by two sisters who trained as pastry chefs in New York in the 1990’s,who wanted to return home and create a café with the best breakfast and lunch menu in town,along with delicious scones,brownies,and sweet and savoury tarts.

Fixx Coffeehouse, Dawson Street – At Fixx, coffee is not just a drink – it is an art. Fixx has a wonderful warm ambiance, in addition to the finest baristas in town.  As well as having their own cycling club,the Fixx Rouleurs,the café also has a wonderful little library, where you can peruse many of the books available and read them at your leisure, and then swap them for something else if you didn’t quite get to finish that last chapter.

Avoca Café, Suffolk Street – The Avoca café is situated inside the Avoca shop,full of knit scarves and interesting trinkets to look at. They sell the usual selection of tea, coffee and hot chocolate, but also sell their own homemade lemonade and elderflower juice. Desserts include cinnamon doughnuts, pear and almond tart and a sweet raspberry cheesecake.

Is your favourite not on the list? Let us know,maybe we’ve missed another of our city’s gastronomic gems! Contact us at


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