Aishwarya, a 2nd year Law student from India, reflects on her first year in Ireland

IMG_0451This is my second year in Ireland and to date my experience here has been very special as an international student.  Reflecting back upon the past one year, I can say that it can be grouped in four distinct phases. The first was one of utter chaos! Struggling with the GNIB (Visa) formalities, opening a bank account, trying to settle in, and on top of that, trying to understand the accent! The real test came when I visited Cork in my second week here in Ireland. At first, I thought they were speaking to me in Irish!  But they were not.

The second phase was more relaxed. This was when I had settled in,and started experiencing the various facets of College life at Trinity. This was the time when I got involved with various societies, started making good friends, and experiencing Irish culture in general. This was also the phase when the course difficulty level sky-rocketed.

The third phase, I can say, consists of my memories of “exam-time”! The value of every minute was realised then! I remember coming into the library at 7AM a week before exams started only to find myself without a seat it was so busy! The atmosphere was intense, but I guess when Trinity says it strives for academic brilliance, it really does mean it! And I am only glad that phase was over sooner than I could imagine.

The fourth phase I hold very dear to me.  I would say it is when I actually felt like an adult for the first time. I applied for the Global Room Ambassador position, and luckily I got the role. Having regular shifts to work at during the week meant responsibility, and a good one at that. But the joy of holding your first pay-slip was a different ballgame altogether. The value of the numbers on it do not matter, but to know that whatever is on it is your hard-earned money (arguably hard-earned), gives a form of satisfaction which is unparalleled. Further, to realise that your work is appreciated by your peers and those above you in the office hierarchy is a very good feeling to have. Not to mention the number of students who benefit by the few hours you put in every week.

All in all, the past one year has taught me things I never thought I would know,and that is what makes my experience here in Trinity very special.


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