Academic Lives: Two Student Perspectives

For students trying to decide what to study at University, sometimes having access to 400 course options can be overwhelming. Here are two quick insights into two very different courses…


Student Ambassador Sophie Morris, 4th year Business and Economics undergraduate:

One module I am studying is called ‘International Business &the Global Economy’. It’s a fascinating course covering a variety of prescient topics that are current stories we read about in the newspaper every day. We have been tasked with a project looking at a particular case study of money laundering. Our professor has asked us to act as detectives and track where the money comes from,where it goes to and what financial mechanisms are used in the process. It’s a great opportunity to become an expert in the area;the cases we are all looking at all concern large amounts of money and at times reading reports about them is more like reading crime fiction writing rather than fact!

Student Ambassador Lydia Fischer-Dooley, 3rd year Drama and Theatre Studies undergraduate:

There is a preconception when thinking of Arts students that we sit around reading books with vast amounts of free-time to fill. This is not the case when studying Drama & Theatre Studies in Trinity College Dublin. When I reflect on my last 2+ years studying Drama,my memories cover everything from painting sets,rigging lights and rehearsing lines to organising events. The course demands self-motivation,hard-work and ability to work in groups. Anyone interested in expanding their understanding of theatre should apply!

Trinity Student Ambassadors are available to talk about courses,student life and settling into Dublin in the Trinity Global Room from 9.30am-9pm Monday-Friday. If you want to get in touch with them, email


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